My Life's Vignettes: Part 1: Charley: PART II: MEMORIES

Sometimes God gives us Angels in very unorthodox forms. Charley was one such form. A little bit of a strange form for sure. He was not quite the perfect Schnauzer; such as uniform in shape or the ideal height. He was, well, a little taller than most Schnauzers and a little more pepper than salt. But Charley was an Angel.

The first three years of his life were spent in a pet taxi, which must have accounted for the immediate response, when told to kennel up by his devoted new owner. He never blinked an eye. He took his place upon his warm blanket and waited patiently for his master to open his door and set him free. But, his kenneling- up days were few, since he always slept in the bed with my daughter, his savior.

His early life of captivity was inherent only because his owner was old and barely able to care for himself. The old man didn’t mean to traumatize Charley. He loved him, but couldn’t properly give him the care that he needed.

Sweet Charley was no stranger to captivity, nor was he considered a family dog. We called him our foster dog since he moved from one home to another. His life in the pet taxi continued after he moved from South Louisiana to South Arkansas. His second owners already had several dogs and Charley just didn’t fit in. Most of the time, male dogs don’t usually get along. This was no exception. Charley found himself living alone in a kennel in a back room of the house. Charley went outside to potty, and maybe for a brief few moments had a chance to sniff the ground that he so longed to sniff. But much too soon he was back in his dungeon, alone and sad.

Charley’s life continued to be lonely and hopeless until the day my daughter discovered him. The owners were glad to rid themselves of their lonely, sad burden. They sent him packing once again. But this time was different.

Charley went back to Louisiana, but not in a pet taxi. He rode in the front seat; either in my daughter’s lap or on the passenger side of the car, watching the trees fly by. He knew that he was free at last.

My daughter fell in love with Charley, deeply and forever. He never wanted for anything. He lived inside and slept in the bed, on his own pillow, next to my daughter. She groomed him and fed him and gave him enough love to make up for his lonely days of captivity.

When he was about six years old we moved to South Arkansas and of course Charley moved too. He adjusted to his new surroundings as easily as everyone else. It didn’t take him long to pick out his favorite place to sleep during the day, which was always on the couch, in my daughter’s lap. His eyes showed nothing but love and devotion for her, because he knew she was his salvation.

The day came though, when we brought another precious pet into the household. Her name was Anana. She was a beautiful Siberian Husky and Charley fell in love again. He became a little more excitable and not as content to lie around and just devour our attention. Sometimes, it was hard to get him to do anything we told him to do. Even the toys he loved were pushed to the side as he tried so hard to become friends with Anana.

By the early summer though, they were best friends. They played and ran around the back yard, but when night time came Charley was ready to hop up on the bed and snuggle once more with my daughter.

July 9th, 2007 began as an ordinary day except for the lightening that just wouldn’t cease. Later in the afternoon it began to clear off. But since the lightening had been so bad, we decided to bring Anana in before we left for a dinner engagement. Charley was always in the house, except when he went out to potty or play with Anana.

We returned a few hours later to find our house on fire. The fire department was already there when we arrived. We feared the worst but prayed for a miracle.

The fire started from lightening which hit a tree. It ran down the tree through the roots into a metal flowerbed edging, through the brick wall and into a light receptacle into my granddaughter’s bedroom.

We stood outside praying as once then twice they brought our precious, helpless babies out. Neither one of them made it. They did not burn, but the smoke and heat over took them. The fireman said Charley had been shut up in the burning room. This was a very unusual phenomenon because the door was seldom shut. But, because it was shut the fireman said it saved the whole house from going up in flames.

How ironic; after all the love and devotion he now had, he was trapped again and couldn’t get out. The next day we found the outline of Charley under my granddaughter’s bed. The outline was still perfectly white where Charley had been lying. His little head was stretched out reaching toward the door as if he knew that was where safety was.

We hope and pray that God just let them go to sleep without any pain.

By Debbie Aycock Williams 2008

3rd place winner, Arkansas Writer's Conference
copyright 2008

Part II....


A whiff of a long lost scent which clung to your tweed jacket

The one that you wrapped around my shoulders as we walked the calles of Cali

The warmth of your arms permeating through the fabric unto my skin

Left a scar that transcended into my heart

A scent that surrounds me with hope

Of which life comes full circle

And someday the aroma in the air will be

Of that tweed jacket and the arms tucked inside

Older now, the scent must be softer, more subtle

Tender yet worn from the years of wear and tear

But no less the scent in my memory

Of a closeness buried deep into the threads of that familiar garment

Forty years have passed and your voice transcends time

As you speak, I close my eyes your voice permeates my conscience

Your penetrating accent pulls me back in time

Slowly moving, pressed together in rhythm of the Kontiki’s Latin song

Did you say Rendezvous? Yes! Where? When?

Cartegena,! Cool nights, ancient history, your blue tweed jacket

Arms wrapped around my shoulders as we stroll the narrow calles

Your wafted scent bringing me closer to what I thought was lost forever

By Debbie Aycock Williams

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Lone Lilly

My little Lilly growing all alone

How smooth your velvet petal

One day your shining in your glory

Next day your almost gone

I love to see your soft delight

Your sense of dewey love

There is a freshness that dawns for me

In morning's early light



When you were my little sister
Sometimes I didn’t like you much
You were a brat, and ratted on me
When I thought I knew it all

Even though you got spanked
It was a fun ride huh?
Golf carts required no license
So why should that Barracuda?

I always wondered if the keys would
Ever be found
I didn’t tell you then cause
Besides being a brat you tattled

But then we grew up and went separate ways
You grew into a lovely young woman
You were still my little sister
But not the brat I once thought you were

We’ve shared many moments together
Stumbled and fell, yet never failed
To be there for each other
Sisters are that way

My prayer for you this special day
Is to see life come full circle
To know your worth is measured
In the kindness you bestow

We share that special bond
Only sisters can attest
To understand, not judge, just love
No matter how we fail

So be happy, enjoy the rain when you
Hoped the sun would shine
Change only if you want to
Sometimes roses bloom in winter.

By Debbie Aycock Williams 2008

I love you,
Happy Birthday

copyright 2008


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The leaves are gone and bare branches solicit the heavens The warm days are spent, lingering blades of grass Glisten from the morning frost Seeking absolution from their iniquities. Ensuing eradication wounds the external covering And when they have relented at last The hope of resurrection rests in the seed That was scattered long ago. By Debbie Aycock Williams copyright 2009

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Kathryn how do I describe the overwhelming pride you bring to my heart?
When I think back to that rainy night you were born until this very day that is
Filled with sunshine and happiness, accomplishments and expectations of what tomorrow holds, I remember a precious first grandchild, What excitement ensued.

From the time you pushed the front door open and went head over heals down the steps and we spent half the morning in the emergency room. Of course you were fine and I was a wreck. The hours we spent reading and playing will always be memories I cherish like no others. Memories of birthday parties, a scared little girl going into the operating room, Christmas and Easters at Granddaddy ‘s and Mama Kitten’s, vicious bathtubs, special times of doing nothing but being together. There are memories here: Toys you played with, books you read, notes you wrote and pictures you drew; Saved in a box with your name on it and They are all here in my heart, the same heart that is filled with love and pride for you Kathryn, For all you stand for, the caring, loving, kind woman you have become. You are one of God’s gifts to me. I love you.

written 2009 for her graduation 2010 Now that she has read this

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As I walk through my garden I touch the tiny leaves
Of my lonely rose bush

It stands all alone, by itself
No other nearby

The hibiscus grow profuselThey entertain each other with colors of purple and white

And mix together as the wind blows
Back and forth

But my little lonely rose bush
Has no other to share its quiet beauty

Only the bees occasionally fly by
And my fingertips when I feel the velvet petal

Someday soon, I shall plant another rosebush
So my lonely rose won't stand alone

And when I no longer walk through the garden
My little rose won't miss my loving touch.

By Debbie Aycock Williams

Copyright 2007